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Value through Innovation

We invest and drive value creation in the digital entertainment market by focusing  on creative and technical innovation. Hazenberg Investments has offices in the Netherlands and Bulgaria. We invest in small start-ups that have talented highly motivated people with the potential to create value through innovation and hard work.


Destruction Crew


Destruction Crew develops and publishes (mobile) games focused on destruction and in particular Demolition Derby racing.

Virtual Amigos


Virtual Amigos are market leaders in casual Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) apps for mobile devices.



Founded back in 2004, Lunagames has boosted over 500 million downloads on classic (feature) phones and later transitioned to offer smart phone games.

Rabbit Mountain Entertainment


Fully owned by Hazenberg Investments, Rabbit Mountain operates as a research and publishing center that shares it's innovation amongst the participating companies.

Hazenberg Games


Hazenberg signiture games. 

Good idea + able to execute?


Have a good idea and even more important are you able to execute the plan? Contact us to see how we can assist you in creating value.

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